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About Car Plus 1

Get to know us

Car Plus 1 was established back in 2021. We begin as a luxury car rental business in Jeddah, Makkah Region, K.S.A. Throughout the year our company has expanded the business a lot and gained a well-established reputation for its commitment to offering its customers quality, timely and unparallel services

Our clients are diversified because we offer a good variety of Luxury cars to able to satisfy client's professional and personal needs.

Due to our high-quality service, we have gained a solid foundation of regular customers and this foundation continues to grow with time. And we will continue to grow, adapt and change as required to meet and satisfy our all customer's eds.

Exotic Car


Ignite your deepest desires with the exotic masterpiece showcased at the luxury showroom



Unleash boundless adventures SUV awaiting your exploration at the luxury showroom.



Experience the epitome of versatility and comfort with the extraordinary van

Sport Cars


Unleash the roaring power and embrace the sheer exhilaration of the sport cars


Our Team

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