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Terms & Conditions


  1. The car rental contract must be an electronic contract issued by Transport General Authority.​

  2. The office is committed to renting you the car when the following conditions are met.
    • A valid proof of identity.
    • A valid driving license throughout the duration of contract.
    • The conditions of the insurance coverage stipulated in the articles of the car insurance policy apply to the beneficiary.
    • The agency may ask to provide the credit card, and it may refuse to rent if it is not available.

  3. The agency is not allowed to keep the official documents of a customer for the purpose of renting a car, and it must be viewed only without taking a copy of it.

  4. In case of technical malfunction of the vehicle, the beneficiary shall have the right to replace it if it is not due to negligence on his part or on the part of the authorized person. If a car in the same category is not available, it has to be replaced by a car in a higher category.​

  5. The agency must terminate the car rental contract and revoke the authorization immediately upon receipt of the vehicle


  1. Verify the contract data (duration + value) before approving and signing it

  2. Return the car on the date and time specified in the contract. If a delay occurred in returning the car, it will be calculated in accordance with article twenty six of the organized regulation of the activity

  3. Notify the agency of any technical malfunction that occurs to the car, and not making any repairs without the agency's consent.

  4. If a traffic accident occurs, a report must be submitted to the agency from the competent authority.

  5. Return the car in the same condition in which it was rented and with all its equipment

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